Get weird Eddie Moreno•skateboarding•cars•drift•Grizzly grip tape•Ace trucks•Silika glass•Diamond supply co•Powell Peralta•Bones wheels•Bones bearings•Vans shoes•Val surf
Instagram @e30eddie

#e28touring drifting 😻

Bs noseblunt at Lincoln park 📷 @cladrianphotography #35mm

Snapping one in the #dirtydollar a while ago @darthjulian got the photo

Gnarly fs invert @goonsac is a fucking 👽

#tbt back smith at #marginalway from our @silika_skate trip Good looks on the photo pop @wwerdna 👍

Being slept on is a lifestyle I was forced into.


Anthony Estrada. Back 180 over the Hydrant. Los Angeles, CA.



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